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I got married 9months ago and everything's been fine except within the bedroom. Intercourse has been painful(I was a virgin) and I've seen gynecologists who've stated its typical to expertise discomfort in the beginning and I am fine long sleeved wedding dresses physically but I think otherwise.

I attempted to accommodate my husband's demands but I could not continue to bear the pain and began avoiding him anytime he makes a move. This began to make problems in between us. Immediately after a few months, I discovered I was pregnant and we had been so elated and grateful to God.

We had sex after soon after which I subsequently began bleeding (a month later or so); I was placed on bed rest and have recovered. We've got not had intercourse in about 5months now. I've now noticed he comes house (far more later than he normally does),he goes out during the cocktail dresses for women weekends and comes back really late. He's generally so engrossed in his telephone,pinging late at evening. I've tried going through his telephone but I guess he's smart sufficient to delete stuff.

I've had this gut feeling that he has some thing to complete with one particular of my mates for pretty some time,and this is backed by the fact that he has asked me twice or so if she's dating any one. When he's around he acts normal and tries to play and chat tea prom dresses with me but I cannot appear to acquire along with him due to my suspicions. am I more than reacting? I'm starting to hate him and I'm soo depressed that is not a very good issue for my condition.

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